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Technician Opening in the Detroit Area with Guardian Alarm


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How to Identify, Attract and Retain Talent in the Electronic

Security & Systems Integration Industry with IT/IP experience


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  • NEIS stays in touch with a constant two-way with our clients
  • NEIS maintains an extensive database of candidates who have been qualified and pre-screened
  • NEIS indexes and enters the information into our  proprietary Candidate Management System
  • NEIS then matches the qualifications of candidates to the job position and your candidate profile




Preliminary Research

We meet with you to:

      • Set flexible plans for service and support
      • Determine your needs
      • Define job parameters
      • Identify candidate qualifications

Research and Identification

  • NEIS matches your job specifications to all candidates in our database
  • NEIS then identifies a group that will be further qualified



  • NEIS conducts in-depth evaluation interviews
  • Adjusts profile if needed
  • NEIS performs the most comprehensive reference-checking in the industry
  • NEIS screens and qualifies candidates who meet your specifications


  • NEIS provides you with confidential reports containing only qualified candidates
  • All candidates interviewed & screened according to the position description and hiring criteria that has been approved.
  • NEIS provide you with a “Candidate” package that includes all pertinent information.

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