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How to Identify, Attract and Retain Talent in the Electronic

Security & Systems Integration Industry with IT/IP experience


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John RoseSince being founded by John Rose in 1984, NEIS has developed an extensive database and network of candidates and employers – covering areas such as sales, marketing, technology, finance, operations, legal, customer service and executive management – specializing in the electronic security, life safety and systems integration industry, both domestically and internationally.

Over the past several decades, NEIS has maintained a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge. We offer candidates and companies personalized service, confidentiality and highly professional standards.

Our systematic approach to placement speeds the process and connects the ideal candidate with the right employer – quickly and successfully.
NEIS is a customer-driven information services company that provides companies with candidates who have been pre-qualified and pre-screened based on the specific requirements of our customers.

We strive to enhance the caliber of talent in our client organizations by recruiting the very best candidate for the position while conducting each search with excellence and integrity. Cultural fit is one of the most important factors in a successful hire. We will take the time to understand what kind of individual will succeed in your organization and identify candidates who are most likely to meet your needs.

NEIS leads the way in terms of understanding and recruiting in the rapidly-evolving security industry.  Thanks to this level of expertise, we can readily launch your search on target without delay. With NEIS, your organization is assured to have a trusted, expert recruitment partner at your side.

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